Twin boats
The Twin Boats team offers you self-propelled houses on water (from 20 sq. m to 30 sq. m), with an exclusive design and top quality A and A+.
Unique polypropylene-copolymer technology
High ceilings and outdoor terraces to enhance the sense of space
Mobility – no land investment required
Insulated walls, underfloor heating and air conditioning
Great investment and no need for a separate plot of land.
Bring more water energy and unrestricted freedom into your life!
Main features of the Twin Boats houses:
Unique technology for maximum safety
Living conditions suitable for both warm and cold seasons
Houses are furnished with the highest quality, environmentally friendly natural materials
Functional layout that makes the most of every square metre
Perfect for those looking for a home surrounded by nature
Modern interiors by designers
Twin Boats is a Lithuanian manufacturer whose main product is high quality and unique technology homes on water.

Our homes stand out from the rest in terms of structural stability, durability and safety, while the highly aesthetic and modern design blends in with the surrounding natural scenery.
About us
Top quality materials and exclusive design
Twin Boats houses are made of the highest quality materials. The pontoons are made from polypropylene-copolymer, supplied by the only certified supplier in the world from Germany.

The exterior and interior of the houses is made exclusively of environmentally friendly materials that meet the highest technological standards and allow living in these houses in summer and winter.

The design and interior layout of the Twin Boats have been developed by professionals who have combined the functionality of spaces with the contemporary interior aesthetics.
Unique technology
Pontoon structures for Twin Boats feature a unique technology which has been tested and refined over many years.

The constituent material of the pontoons is a polypropylene copolymer, which is unrivalled on the market in terms of its properties and its hydrodynamic structure, being far superior to aluminium and polyethylene.

Thanks to its exceptional properties, this material is completely resistant to damage even at extremely low temperatures (down to -30 ºC). Even in the harshest winters, you will feel calm and safe sailing on Twin boats self-propelled houses.

Freedom of choice
Twin Boats houses on the water is your opportunity to enjoy an exclusive lifestyle. Stay closer to nature, and forget the concerns about buying a plot of land. You can even travel to foreign countries in your own home.
A project to suit your needs
Our team of specialists will help you to design the investment and architectural project that is right for you.

Twin Boats floating house can be easily integrated into the architectural design of your personal marina or simply become part of a shared marina.

Twin Boats homes are fully adaptable for living in all seasons. This makes them an even more attractive destination for travellers all year round.
Excellent investment
Twin Boats houses can be used for more than just personal needs. It is a great investment for a rental business or leisure and tourism activities. Imagine how
you build a Twin Boats house on the most beautiful lake, river or even seaside in the country. The house's distinctive design will attract even the most sophisticated attention without distorting the view of the surrounding natural oasis.
Twin Boats homes are fully adapted for living in all seasons. This makes them an even more attractive destination for travellers all year round.
Taking into account the technological capacity of Heavy Duty pontoons to support heavy weights on the water, Twin Boats has developed a 20 sq. m houseboat with an outdoor jacuzzi in collaboration with the modular home company M-Cabin. This is an extremely comfortable house on the water that can offer you an exceptional quality of life. It is also constructed in individual modules, making it easy to transport and assemble at your convenience.

Technical details of the project:

  • The house is built on two Heavy Duty floats.
  • Length (max.) – 11.81 m
  • Width (along the deck) – 5.50 m
  • Max. height – 4.35 m
  • Draught – 0.46 m
  • Living area – 20 sq. m.
  • Sleeps – 2+2
Butterfly is a trimaran-type houseboat held afloat by three hydrodynamic pontoons. It is a very cosy house with 29 sq. m of living space to allow you to comfortably enjoy life on the water in all seasons. This house is designed in separate modules, making it easy to transport and assemble in a place convenient for you.

Technical details of the project:

  • Length (max.) – 11.82 m
  • Width (along the deck) – 4.5 m
  • Height – 4.8 m
  • Draft – 0.52 m
  • Maximum weight – 9 tonnes
  • Living area 30 sq. m.
  • Sleeps 2+2 (can be increased on request)
  • Optional engines – outboard petrol 60 HP, outboard electric 2 x 10 kW (48 V)
Local attraction
With this project we aim to create a unique place that will become an attraction for water sports enthusiasts and a cosy home for its owners.
Tourist centre
The Twin Boats Village project aims to promote water tourism in Lithuania and to make more efficient use of the tourism potential of our lakes and rivers.
Exquisite 360 degree views
Get a closer look at the Twin Boats Village project with 360 degree panoramic views.
Be in nature among like-minded people
The Twin Boats Village is for everyone who wants to rediscover their connection with nature and meet like-minded people who are looking for a special experience through water and Twin Boats.
Twin Boats Village
Unique and modern village
Twin Boats Village will provide a modern infrastructure that will make every visitor feel comfortable
Unparalleled project on the market
The Twin Boats Village project is unparalleled in our country. Be the first to enjoy a unique way of life embraced in nature and the sounds of water.
Optical cable laying platform
  • Self-propelled, working platforms used for any requirement;
  • The working platform load weight is available from 1.5 t to 12 t;
  • Platform size up to 12 meters is available.
Hydrodynamic pontoons
These are traditional boat-shaped pontoons based on the unique Twin Boats technology. The polypropylene used in their manufacture is stronger than many metals and can withstand extremely low temperatures (-30 ºC). The pontoons have excellent hydrodynamic properties despite their extremely light weight.
„Heavy Duty“ pontons
The biggest advantage of the Twin Boats Heavy Duty pontoon is its ability to support a very high weight afloat. The heavy weight capacity allows the pontoons to be used for the construction of houses not only with special lightweight materials, but also with general purpose building materials. The pontoon consists of 18 individual compartments (12 m long in total) for maximum safety of the floating structures.

The Heavy Duty pontoons are manufactured with a 180 mm tunnel engine and built-in 300 l tanks and pumps.

Twin Boats has also developed Heavy Duty pontoons without bow and stern, designed for floating non-travel objects.

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